Weight Loss Industry Booming

With government intervention as well as many WANTING to be HEALTHY, the weight management industry is prime time! According to Forbes Magazine, in 2003, the weight loss industry was predicted to reach $586 Billion just in the US Market alone … Continued

Registered Dietitians – More Important Than Ever

The Registered Dietitians Evolution The importance of the Dietitian has been evolving over the past few decades, much the same way the field of nutrition has been progressing.  Nutrition is not a concrete science in so many ways.  Not only … Continued

Insurance Proposals to Include No Cost Visit with Qualified Nutritionist

Qualified Nutritionist’s Expertise with out a Hospital Stay  While the issues with the Affordable Care Act are too numerous to count, it does have a couple ideas that are heading in the right direction.  The Act is attempting to reduce … Continued

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