Tired of Diets

Are you Tired of Diets?

Yep, you are sick and tired of diets! You may be thinking I am offering you yet another diet or program promising you miracles to lose weight and get the perfect shape you always wanted. Well, I’m not, I’m here to help you


How Would You Like Me to Help YOU Lose Weight For FREE?

So now you probably want to know why I am offering my services for free. I am glad to tell you.  I have decided to go back to school for a formalized degree in weight management health care.  Since I have already undergraduates and a master’s degree, this should not take long.

Many MLM and direct selling programs offer health coaching type programs. However a formal degree and certified credentials are required when working with insurance.  This will allow me to work with and help more individuals, physicians and clinics on a concierge weight management service.  Just like a model or photographer, I need a portfolio including a variety of successful stories to share.

Not Everyone Will Qualify

Since this does require one on one attention, coaching and focus ~ FREE ~  I can only help truly motivated, dedicated people.  Many find themselves on and off diets when the weather simply changes. Maybe from lack of motivation or worse – the lack of trust and belief that there IS help.

I was tired of diets too!  If you are willing to help yourself then I am willing to work with you.  Sadly there is one more note to mention. I commit 100% to help YOU, coach YOU and work with YOU one on one. I can only help a few at a time so openings are LIMITED.

Are you dedicated and willing to learn a new way for the betterment of your weight management journey? I am here to help you if you are.  I have been through the pain and the pitfalls and I understand them.  However, you are not 100% willing however, you are wasting YOUR time and mine.  Not to say this will be what you need nor that it will work with you.  If you are not 100% committed, you will not find anything that works no matter what.  So it is basically an interview process for both you and I since I can not help everyone, I have to make sure the ones I do really want or need to change their life.  Openings are limited so let’s get started now and see what a difference we can make together.

How to Get Help

I will be doing a webinar and a conference call to explain details in order to see if this is something that can help YOU.  I have question and answer sessions also since many have the same questions most are answered in these formats and probably even more you haven’t thought of yet.  However, if you are like me you may need or desire a little more personal direction or perhaps have questions or concerns that you want to speak with me privately about before the webinar.  So for you, I offer this, complete the form below and we will schedule a time to speak prior and detail out a full plan just for you if needed.

Why do I do this you ask? It is easy to answer.  Like looking for a doctor, you want one very knowledgeable & experienced in his field but also with “good beside manners”.  He also looks for patients that will follow his advise or at least to a certain extent.  If you are looking for a surgeon and he advises physical therapy after the procedure, yet you are admit about not doing PT, he will probably refuse the procedure and tell you to find another doctor.