Wonderful healthy party recipe or well, project – The Editable Broccoli Tree.

I always search for things to take to parties that are healthy and something everyone wants to eat! You can use different bases for different ideas other than a Christmas Tree too.  You will need some craft items and plenty of fresh veggies and perhaps fruit if you would like. A Healthy Party Recipe is easy and fun!

I used 8″x3″ green styrofoam cone, for a just over 12″ tall finished tree, so the shopping lists will work for this size tree. You can also use a pineapple trimmed into a cone for the base, if you use styrofoam you may want to cover it with plastic wrap first.

If you want a smaller or larger tree, just adjust your groceries accordingly.

Healthy Party Recipe

Craft Items:

– Styrofoam cone – 8×3″
– small disposable veggied tray (you will be hot glueing the tree to the tray, so plastic, disposable works best BUT you could forego the glue and just set the tree on a nice dish, too)
– hot glue gun & glue sticks (optional)
– round toothpicks
– round wooden skewers
– Linzer tart cookie cutter (for tiny star shape cutter)
– wire cutter or strong scissor (to cut skewers)

Grocery List:

– 3 large bunches Broccoli  – be sure they have a lot of color variation
– 2 large Broccoliflower – this is the broccoli in the lighter shades
– 1 large Cauliflower
– 1+ Red Bell Pepper (depending if you would like to serve extra on the side)
– 1+ Yellow Bell Pepper (depending if you would like to serve extra on the side)
– 1 package cherry tomato
– 1 jar cocktail onions or scallions
– 1 bag of baby carrots


– Pineapple for base if preferred
– Cheese (can use for stars or additional wrapping)
– Grapes–
– Cherries
– Veggie Dip for the bottom of the tree

Enjoy!! Healthy Party Recipe – Bring a Health Dish for your next Holiday Party!

Healthy Party Recipe

This was my inspiration picture found on http://positivemed.com/


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