Mango Spinach  Pear  SmoothieMango Spinach Pear Smoothie

Mango Spinach Pear Smoothie – So incredibly delicious and smooth! This combination provides for the perfect texture to a boring smoothie or juice and as of today there are over 7500 published just in PubMed alone, on the importance of antioxidants in respect to cancer prevention. Mango Spinach Pear Smoothie is so easy to prepare.

Organically chosen fresh mango’s, Bosc Pears (great for cooking too) and baby spinach.  We used a full mango and pear with a full cup of spinach.  Almond milk and be sure to add ice, we used a full glass for this one since fruit was fresh.  This made a wonderful smoothie and then we juiced remainder and it rocked also!   As with most of our smoothies, we add a protein powder – this newly revamped Protein Powder gave it a very creamy hearty texture, Mango Spinach Pear Smoothie.

Most already know the wonderful heath benefits of spinach but do remember some health conditions like hypothyroidism can be aggravated by the goitrogens. Our choice of baby organic spinach is for various reasons.

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Mango Spinach Pear Smoothie

Mango Spinach Pear Smoothie

Great way to get your Veggies!