Parents Guide to Childhood Obesity- Help Your Child Live Longer eBook

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Childhood Obesity – A Growing & Dangerous Epidemic!

Many EXPERTS agree that it is us – the parents causing the cahos in our childrens lives by letting our carelessness with our own diets model our children’s unhealthy habbits.  This has the created an increasingly large epidemic today, according to the US Surgeon General, known as childhood obesity.

Parents Guide to Childhood Obestiy- Chid and Teen Diet Guide, is an easy to follow and implement guide to help parents help thier children.


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Childhood Obesity: This parent’s guide is an instant access downloadable eBook that holds the secret To “Helping Your Child Live Longer”  Is Not Rocket Science!

Dr. Susan Bennett Johnson of the American Psychology Association states boldly : “Not only do obese individuals die earlier, but their quality of life is severely compromised…” Are you “Helping Your Child Live Longer”? Download this instant Parent’s guide to a better quality of life and help battle childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic. The US Surgeon General implies it is an epidemic that can be controlled.  With the proper knowledge and tools, this epidemic can be eliminated. This eBook is for the dedicated parent sincerely seeking solutions to help their children NOW. Helping your child Live Longer” is a powerful eBook to help you get control back in your life with easy to follow instruction and implementation.

Helping Your Child Live Longer ~ A Parents Guide to Kids Diet and Weightloss here is a sneak peek of the topics covered:


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