Not all smoothies & Juicing drinks are created
equal! A must have app for anyone wanting to lose
weight, recoup from a work out or even refresh
with a healthy nutritional boost!

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What This App Does


  • The Smoocing App allows you to select the ingredients in your smoothie or juice to see its
    nutritional value before you chose to add it to your drink. This allows you to add or remove
    ingredients for the best nutritional value you can obtain. For instance if you prefer a certain
    amount of protein or want to limit your sugar intake, you have the ability to see both
    individual ingredient nutrition and the overall drink.
  • The App allows you to save your favorite ingredients as well as your best smoothie you ever created!
  • This App is perfect also for those on the go. After your workout at the gym, you decide you need a protein smoothie so you walk to the counter or stop at the local Smoothie Shoppe – open the app, select your ingredients and now you KNOW what you are about to drink!

Why I’m Doing This You Ask

My goal is to help people anyway I can and continue helping them for as long as they need me to. With the sudden rush in smoothies and juicing recipes flooding the internet, your email, your Facebook feed, Twitter, Pinterest and probably your local neighborhood Church Benefit Cook-Books you could very well be consuming 2K+ in what you thought was a healthy alternative! Many of these could easily contain enough fat and sugar to equate to 5 Double Chocolate Truffle Cakes!

We are seeing an enormous amount of gyms that now sell after work-out protein smoothies, smoothie shops popping up like coffee & donut shops on every corner, fast food restaurants offering their blend as well as premade ones in the grocery stores. Even with the new FDA Nutrition Label guidelines, many have no clue what they ae drinking!

Anyway, the purpose of this App is to show you exactly what you are drinking and give you the ability to change the ingredients to your needs and taste without the worry of sabtaging your diet efforts!

Never again worry that the smoothie you drank had more

calories, carbs and sugar than your Grandmothers 14 Layer

Cholocolate Cake!

So, How This Whole Thing Got Started…

Just In Case You Are Curious

It all started with a few posts and pictures of the smoothies I created or recipes I tried. I wanted people to know what was in so I would not only provide the ingredients but calculate the nutritional label as well (i.e.- fat, sugar, carbs etc.).

Due to having well, hundreds of varieties, I was spending more time calculating than sharing the new creations! I then started a database of every ingredient I used or found useful in the event I suggested an alternative to the menu list. For instance I tried it with a water base, since other like a milk or juice base I would gather this as well for the post. After several months of compiling the database I thought “….this would be great if a program (App) would add all this up so all I had to do was post…”. After conversing and researching we developed an App that allowed the choice of ingredients and visible nutritional value for both the ingredients AND the finished Smoothie or Juicing recipe and decided to make it public for all to use…thus Smoocing was born! The Liquid Diet & Nutrition App that lets you know before you drink it, exactly what you are drinking!

Anyway, let’s talk about…

The Benefits of   The Smoocing App

 Choose from different bases: Water, Juice, Milk, Ice, ect

Choose from different fruits, vegetables, nuts & grains

 Choose from a variety of popular extras such as Protein Powder, Yogurt, Pudding mixes, Peanut/Almond butter and many more

 Save individual Favorite Ingredients

 Save your Favorite all time Smoothie & Juicing creations

Share with your friends and/or clients can also enjoy your new tasty and healthy combinations

Still Not Sure?
No Worries. We have BOTH a FREE version and a PRO Version wtih a
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I look forward to personally helping you acheive your goals!


Sherri Lowery