Smoothie & Juicing App ~ Liquid Weight Loss & Nutrition!

The Smoothie & Juicing App

For Smoothie & Juicing Lovers!

No more counting, no more wondering!  The Liquid Diet & Nutrition App for Smoothie & Juicing lovers.  Know what you are about to drink to avoid sabotaging your diet efforts!  Get it Now

The Smoothie & Juicing App

Select ingredients and see nutritional info

The Smoothie & Juicing App

Nutritional Info on each ingredient you chose



 Create Your Own &

See what you drinking!


Wonderful way to watch your Calories, Carbs and Fat!

Add Protein Powder too!

Lose the weight or Build the muscle!


The Smoothie & Juicing App The Smoothie & Juicing App

What This App Does

  • The Smoocing App allows you to select the ingredients in your smoothie or juice to see its nutritional value before you chose to add it to your drink.  This allows you to add or remove ingredients for the best nutritional value you can obtain.  For instance if you prefer a certain amount of protein or want to limit your sugar intake, you have the ability to see both individual ingredient nutrition and the overall drink.
  • The App allows you to save your favorite ingredients as well as your best smoothie you ever created!
  • This App is perfect also for those on the go.  After your workout at the gym, you decide you need a protein smoothie so you walk to the counter or stop at the local Smoothie Shoppe – open the app, select your ingredients and now you KNOW what you are about to drink!

Get The Smoothie & Juicing App

The end result was an APP that you can select and change the ingredients and know how it affects the nutritional value.

  • Choose from different bases: Water, Juice, Milk, Ice, ect
  • Choose from different fruits, vegetables, nuts & grains
  • Choose from a variety of popular extras such as Protein Powder, Yogurt, Pudding mixes, Peanut/Almond butter and many more
  • Save individual Favorite Ingredients
  • Save your Favorite all time Smoothie & Juicing creations
  • Share to your Social Media Pages so your friends and/or clients can also enjoy your new tasty and healthy combinations

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