You Earned it, Now Get a Victory Shout Out!


What is a Victory Shout Out you ask? It’s very simple. I am so proud of you and the success you have achieved.

I want to shout out YOUR success (or your client’s success) to our social media pages to help inspire others!  No strings attached, let’s show you off to the world now!

Do you have a weight loss victory?  Maybe you have been on a fitness goal?  Perhaps you changed your diet regimen to clean eating.  I want to know about it so I can share it with all our 50K+ diet and fitness social media followers.  Your success can inspire others and to congratulate you and show off your achievement I want to give you the well deserved Victory Shout Out!


How to Get YOUR Victory Shout Out

So now you know what and why, would you like to know how?  I thought you would.  All you need to do is send a before and after picture with a short description on your wonderful achievement.  You can send the info here.   Be sure to let me know if you would like me to tag you in the post and if so on what social media.  Of course once posted you may always tag yourself as well.

My weight was not an issue but as you can see, the middle age spread was happening.  Although my dinners were pretty healthy.  I work construction so my breakfast, lunches, and morning snacks were a horrible choice.  They consisted of fast food, sweet tea and candy bars.  I made the switch to a healthy protein shake, protein snack bars, fresh fruit and nuts.  Sugar  indeed was my downfall.  I found healthier choices for the deserts I love and my body thanks me.  In just 30 days, I lost over 7″ in just my chest and waist areas.  When you do the math, I lost body fat and gained 3.42# of pure muscle although the scales stayed the same.  Measure the tape not the scales!

Lost 33# and then another 11% Body Fat

I dropped 7 pant sizes, 33# and then another 11% pure body fat!  My first 4 months I was concentrating on eating better and trying to stay as healthy as I could.  In the process of adding more fresh veggies, some good supplements and a protein shake meal replacement I actually lost thirty three pounds.  I was able to eliminate many of my medications as well. I was having medical issues with both my shoulder and hip which restricted my exercise abilities.  Although I had lost weight, my body fat percentage was still high.  I once again wonderful solid program that allowed me lose another 11% of my body fat, putting me a nice health range!

We want others to see these as true Victory to motivate them to success as well.  We don’t want to appear that we are trying to sell them something so keep your description clean of any mlm, affiliate or private company products.  For those of you that are in business, you can use your personal story or client stories (of course if you have their permission).  I will be happy to show you how this can bring leads directly to you.

I have been approached to do sponsored posts to our growing list of 50K+ followers and include detailed contact info or links to the businesses.  I am considering this using a slightly different approach.  If you would like more info if I decide to do this here.

So let’s get your story out to the world!   You can send the info here.

Leave me a comment below if you like this or even have other ideas to inspire others.  Be sure to share this out, I know there are thousands of stories that deserve a victory shout out!