So What is Gene Expression Science?

Do the dates June 6, 2000, Apr 14, 2003 or even May 27, 2004 mean anything to you? Ok what about “… knowledge of the human is as necessary to the continuing progress of medicine and other health sciences as knowledge of human anatomy has been for the present state of medicine.”¹.

You do not have to be a doctor or even in the medical field to understand the impact of these dates and this statement since it has changed the lives of every human being on our planet!  This has been and still is called by in far, the largest single most collaborative biological international scientific project ~ it is the Human Genome Project (HGP). The HGP has allowed scientists to further develop gene altering and gene expression science.

Why is it Important?

The unveiling of our DNA, if you will, has further aided in many discoveries that many are familiar with on a daily basis, from riding fine lines and wrinkles to cures of disease . Since Clinton declared the Genome code non-patent information for the furtherment of research, of course many R&D companies jumped right into the data in hope of finding genetic cures for what ales us.   Over a decade later we are still awaiting for much of this gene therapy technology and similar to pass through clinical and governmental red tape.  Companies like Sirtris with once promising results in some eyes, now closing up shop.  Even if and when this and other gene altering drugs make it to the pharmaceutical shelves, can the common person afford it?

Another Genetic Based Discovery

Time Magazine’s front cover picture states  “Why Your DNA isn’t Your Destiny” ², this is referring to yet another concept of the HGP. Our DNA may not actually indicate how we age but how our genes, well, react ~ our gene expressions. This discovery went wild in the skin care world!  Resetting a gene expression to get rid of the appearance of a wrinkle! WOW!  However, there were 20,500³ discovered in the HGP, what about the others? One such company feels they have found the answer.  LifeGen Technologies holds the world’s largest gene mapping database concentrating efforts on gene expression alterations in aging to include  caloric restriction ³.   Through thirty years of collaborative propriety and yes, patented research, the genes that make us age  ~ feel and look young have not just been identified as “youth gene clusters” but now are targeted and reset under a single billion dollar brand with the clinical data to support the claims, both topical for aesthetics and targeted solutions to see-able aging as well as PO for our inside well being*.  This historical discovery of many thought were the science of the future are being used today as featured on The Discovery Channel ~ DNA the Next Wave.


Life extension or what most refer to as call ani-aging science encompasses what experts everywhere said years ago would reach a TRILLION dollar retail market by 2025. Yet already the anti aging proclamation has been declared, with it encompassing fitness, nutrition and yes, looking younger. Anti-aging businesses has moved into the number 5 most desired position of wealthy business owners; only surpassed by the Oil, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.  No matter what your specialty of the Anti Aging segment is, this state of the art technology, research and development can be easily implemented into your practice specialty in 53 different countries and more than thirty years ahead of the industry.

We invite you to take a further look.

Clinical Data is available upon request.

(1)1987 Visionary Report by Department of Energy

(2) Time Magazine 18 Jan 2010


(3) Service & Drug Development Collaboration Statement